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Marshall Minor Headphones come with on-cord microphone and remote.

This is a Marshall Minor headphones review. The Marshall Minor in-ear headphones, with microphone and remote, first appeared in 2010 as a miniature stereo earphone version of the well known Marshall amplifiers. (About that same time the Marshall Major stereo headset appeared as a set of over-the-head lightweight stereo headphones.) The Minors, as well as the Majors, are made to be compatible with iPhones, iPad, and iPod, but they also work well with most cell phones and mobile listening devices.

 There are several varieties of the Marshall Minor in-ear headphones, many of which are reviewed later on this page.  Each variety has its own differences.  Prices change constantly, but at the time of this review, the basic model of the Marshall Minor earbuds sells for about $40 on Amazon, and in reviews on Amazon this product receives a score of 3.6 stars out of 5 for customer satisfaction.

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What Different Versions Of Marshall Minor Earphones Are There?

The Minor ear headphones are not top-of-the line, but most users think that they are not bad for their price. On Amazon, customer ratings range from about 3.5 stars out of 5 to 4.5 stars out of 5 for different varieties of the Marshall Minors. If you like Marshalls products and you want the best sounding earbuds, you might want to investigate the newer Marshall Mode Headphones .

There are 9 different versions of the Marshall Minor in-ear headset. Some of the differences are quite insignificant, but each has its own different features. Prices range from about $42 to $95 on Amazon. Each person must decide for himself what features are important to him and how much they are worth. Prices change constantly. Price quotes below were made on the day that this review was published. Check the links for current exact prices.


Marshall Audio Minor In-Ear Stereo Headphones For iPhone, iPod Touch, And Android – Black

MMi-2At the time of this review, the Marshall Minor Earphones
cost about $42 on Amazon, and get a grade of about 3.6 stars out of 5. They are black with gold trim, and the design makes them look like the control knobs of a Marshal amplifier. They are made to be compatible with Android phones and with Apple – MAC products like iPhone, iPad, and iPod, but they also work well with other kinds of cell and mobile phones and MP3 players. This variation of the Marshall Minor Earbuds has an on-cord microphone with a 1-button remote. When used with a cell phone, the 1-button control allows you to answer and hang up phone calls. When used with iPod or other listening device like an MP3 player, the remote button allows the operator to play, stop, and switch sound tracks. Unfortunately, there is no volume control on this remote.


Marshall Minor Earphones With Mic – White

MMi-6The Marshall: Minor Earphones w/ Mic – White
in-ear headphones cost about $59 dollars on Amazon at the time of this review, and they receive a rating of about 4.5 stars out of 5. Essentially, the white Marshall earbuds are the same as the Marshall Minor black, except for their colour. They also have gold trim and are made to look like the turn knobs on a Marshall electronic amplifier. They also well with cell phones of different kinds, and are specially compatible with Android and Apple products like iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They have the same on – cable remote with the same 1 – button remote control that allows the user to answer and drop phone calls or to change sound tracks with a listening device, but they have no volume control.


Marshall Minor Pitch Black In – Ear Headphones

Marshall Minor FX Black Earphones earphones cost about $49 on Amazon at the time of this review, and they get a grade of about 3.5 stars out of five in customer reviews. They work and look just like the black or the white Marshall Minor earbuds with the same on – cable microphone with the one button remote for cell phones and audio devices. The only difference is the colour. These are black everywhere with no gold trim except for the Marshall logo. Like the others, these ear buds have no volume control.


Marshall Minor White FX Headphones With Volume Control

The Marshall Headphones MINOR FX With Volume Control WHITE
cost about $65 on Amazon at the time of this review. In Amazon reviews they earn a score of 4.5 stars out of 5. They look and work the same as the other variations of Marshall Minor earbuds, except for the remote. The white FX Minor headset (with gold trim) has a microphone with a 3 – button remote which allows volume control, making them even more convenient for use with your mobile phone.


The Marshall Minor Black FX Headphones With Volume Control

The Marshall Black FX Earphones cost about $54 on Amazon at the time of this review, and they get a score of 3.8 stars out of 5 stars in Amazon reviews. They function exactly the same as the Marshall Minor white FX headset. They have the same mic with 3 – button remote which allows for volume control. The only difference is the black colour with white trim.


The Marshall Minor One Size Lifestyle Earphones/Earbuds With Remote And Mic

MMi-1The Marshall Minor Lifestyle Earbuds are the newest version of these earphones. They are so new that not much new is published about them, and it is not yet clear what makes them different from previous versions of the Marshall Minor, except that these are more expensive. The Lifestyle earbud headset uses the microphone with the 1 – button remote. They are not even rated yet. They come in the three basic colors:

Rating reviews are not yet available.

Some may know that the Marshall Major Over-Head Headphones have recently been redesigned into the new Marshall Major II, which has a few improvements including better bass and increased noise isolation. It may be that the new Lifestyle version of the Marshall Minor earphone headset is a newly redesigned model of the original version. The rumour (not yet confirmed) is that the Lifestyle earbuds may have better sound isolation.


The Marshall Minor FX Premium Earphones – Earbuds – Headphones, One Size – Black

Marshall Minor Premium FX Earphones are brand new and still have no ratings and no customer reviews. On Amazon they cost $95. As yet they are available only in black, but that may change very soon since it is one of the variations that has only been available for a few days at the time of this review. As yet, the Marshalls company has not published a list of specifications and features which make this model different and/or better than other versions to justify it’s increased price. The one thing that is clear is that, unlike the one-size Lifestyle Marshall earphones, this variety includes the 3-button in line remote with volume control.


What Are The Specifications Of The Marshall Minor Ear Headphones?

Whatever version or colour of Minor headset you have, the basic specifications remain the same.

      • 20 hertz – 20,000 hertz frequency range
      • 32 Ohms of impedance
      • 82 mV WBCV
      • 91 dB of sensitivity at 100 mV per kHz
      • 2mW rated input power
      • 5mW maximum input power
      • 1 – year premium replacement warranty

Marshall Minor Earphones


What Special Features Do The Marshall Minor Earbuds Have?

Marshall Minor stereo in-ear headphones are meant to be compact, portable, powerful, convenient, and reasonably comfortable. They are designed to be compatible with mobile phones, including iPhones and Android, and to work well with mp3 players and listening devices like the iPod.


EarClick System

ss.MMJ.hfh.15The Marshall Minor headset uses a patented system which it calls “EarClick” to anchor the earphones firmly in place. The stated purpose is to make a comfortable fit by spreading out the pressure so that the tips are anchored on two points in the ear, not just one. The tips do not have to penetrate very deeply into the ear canal to accomplish this.

Most users who review Marshall Minor earbuds say that the EarClick system does a good job of keeping the earphones firmly in place, even when using them as workout earphones for running, though a few say that they do have fall-out problems. But opinions are mixed about comfort. There are three different sizes of ear tips (small, medium, and large) that come with the earphones, so that the user can find the size that works best for him. Some users say that they feel just fine, but many say that they find them to be very uncomfortable.


15.4 mm Dynamic Transducers

ss.MMJ-HFH.18The Marshall Minor earphone is designed to be small but powerful. It packs a real sonic punch. The rated input power is about 2 mW, but if you really want to blast your ears out (not recommended), or if you are hearing impaired, the maximum input power can go as high as 5 mW.

To accomplish this powerful sound the Marshall Minors use a set of handmade 15.4 dynamic moving coil transducer speakers. This size of transducer, of course, is far to large to fit into the ear itself, so the dynamic element is located on the outside, and the tip channels the sound into the ear.


On-Cord Remote And Microphone

ss.MMJ-HFH.37As mentioned above, Marshall Minors come with either of two different kinds of on – cable remote with microphone. The FX versions are a bit more expensive, but they come with a 3 – button remote that includes a volume control. If you get a version with a 1 – button remote you will have to adjust the volume from your cell phone or listening device.

The center button does most of the work. When using the headset with a cell phone, press the button once to answer a phone call, and press again to drop the call. When using the headset with a listening device or MP3 player, use the button to stop, play, pause, advance to next sound track, skip a sound track forward, or skip backward.


Jack Plugs

Marshall earphones use a standard 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) jack plug that fits any cell phone or mobile listening device. The attachment to the jack is protected by a spring to resist breakage. The cable itself is sheathed in a braded fabric cover which not only protects the cable from breaking, but also makes the cord resistant to tangling. A 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) jack adapter is included so that the headset can be used with larger desktop equipment. A clip is attached to the cable which allows the listener to fasten the cord to his clothing.


What Does the Marshall Earbud Headset Sound Like?

Marshall Minor FX EarphonesWhether or not you like the sound depends on how much of a perfectionist you are. The Marshall in ear headphones have a frequency range of 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz. Actually, the lower limit of 20 hertz leaves out some of the very lowest bass tones, and many say that they wish that the bass would go lower. However, most Marshall earphone reviews say that the tones which are present are very clear and well balanced. Even among those who dislike the Minors for other reasons, most will say that the sound has good quality.

The Marshall Minors have almost no sound isolation. Since the drivers are located outside the ear, there is plenty of room between the ear and the driver for outside sounds to penetrate, and if you play too loudly, your sounds are likely to bleed out to annoy those around you. If you use the headset as workout headphones for running, sound penetration can be a good thing because it can keep you safe by keeping you aware of potential dangers around you.


What Do The Marshall Minor Headphones Reviews Say About These Earphones?

The lowest rating that any variation of the Marshalls earphones receives is about 3.6 stars out of 5. That’s good, but far from ideal. Marshall Minor reviews have very different opinions about the product. Some are very satisfied, and some are very disappointed.


Satisfied Because…

ss.MMJ.hfh.23The quality which satisfied users praise most is the sound, even if they dislike the earphones for other reasons. Most agree that the pitches are clear and well balanced. They may not be as perfect as some top-of-the-line headphones, but for a set of cheap earphones they are pretty good.

Reviewers disagree about the EarClick system. Those who like it say that the tips are very good at keeping the earphones securely in the ear. Some satisfied users found the EarClick tips to be comfortable right from the start. Others say that the tips took some getting use to, but eventually they became accustomed to them and found them to be acceptably comfortable. A few users say they appreciate that with the EarClick tips they don’t have to stuff the earphones deep into their ears.

Some like them and even buy them because of their appearance and style, because they look like cool earphones. Fans of the Marshalls company like the design, colours and the logo because the earphones remind them of the Marshalls amplifiers. The look sturdy and well built.


Dissatisfied because…

ss.MMJ.hfh.10A few dissatisfied users say that they are very disappointed with the sound quality. They were expecting more and better. The biggest complaint about the sound seems to be that they wish it had more and stronger bass.

Another common disappointment is that several varieties of the Marshall Minors have no volume control on the remote, so that they have to adjust the volume on the listening device. If you want a remote with volume control, you have to get one of the FX varieties with the 3 – button remote.

ss.MMJ.hfh.13Dissatisfied users complain about the comfort. Some have never been able to get used to the EarClick system and the tips. They can only use the earphones for a little while before they become too uncomfortable.

There are a few complaints about product quality. Some users say that their earphones have broken or shorted out. A few of these say that they are unhappy with the quality of customer service when they made a complaint or tried to get a refund. Actually, the warranty is for a replacement, if you qualify. But for some products you can get a refund, if you make a claim within 30 days.

Marshall Minor Earphones

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