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IG Logitech H800

The Logitech Wireless Headset H800 is optimized for several digital devices, including PC, Tablets, and Smartphones.

This is a Logitech H800 Wireless Headset Review. It is a general purpose set of stereo Bluetooth wireless headphones that is special for applications like taking calls with mobile cell phones or using with Skype from a computer. The Logitech company specifies that this headset can connect to both Windows and Mac computers, and it works well with applications like Skype, Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Gmail, Windows Live Messenger, and Logitech Vid. (Of course, some of these applications, like Logitech Vid, are no longer active.)

This headset is recommended for use with Smartphones. Some mobile devices do not support all the functions of the H800. Originally, Logitech optimized its equipment for PC applications. Although the H800 headset works with MAC computers, the experience of many users is that it doesn’t work well with some Apple products like iPhones.

Prices change constantly, but at the time of this review, the Logitech H800 wireless headset costs about $69 on Amazon, which is a discount of about $31 off the list price.  In Amazon reviews they earn a score of 3.8 stars out of five for customer satisfaction.  This site recommends Amazon as the best place to buy headphones on the internet for several reasons.  First, Amazon has lots of customer reviews to check out.  Second, Amazon usually has the lowest price that you’ll find anywhere online.  Third, many products are covered by the the Amazon 30-day return policy, which often is better than the warranty offered by the company.


How Do You Set Up The Logitech Headset Bluetooth Pairing?

The H800 Logitech headset can connect with up to 7 Bluetooth devices at a time, plus to your computer when you use the included usb nano transmitter dungle. Switching between paired devices takes about three to five seconds. However, there are some drawbacks. Unfortunately, the headset can only be used with one device at a time.


Pairing Your First Bluetooth Device

The headset comes with a manual of detailed instructions about pairing the Logitech Bluetooth headset to a computer or to other Bluetooth devices. Basically, you follow these steps:

1. Turn the headset on. Set the switch on the side of the right ear cup to the middle position, which is the position with the Bluetooth icon.
2. Wait for the green LED light to blink, indicating that the headset can be discovered by a Bluetooth device.
3. Turn on the Bluetooth device that you want to pair.
4. On the Bluetooth device, select from the menu list, “Bluetooth Hands Free Audio.
5. If prompted to enter a pin code, enter “0000.”
6. When the connection is successful, the green flashing LED indicator light will turn solid green.


Pairing Your Second And Subsequent Bluetooth Devices

Since the H800 can connect with as many as 7 Bluetooth devices (besides the connection to your computer when you use the nano usb receiver), to set up Logitech H800 Bluetooth pairing with other devices, follow this procedure:

1. Slide the switch from the Bluetooth icon to the off position to disconnect it from the previous device.
2. Slide the switch back to the position of the Bluetooth icon.
3. Slide the Track Switch to the position of “Next Track.”
4. While holding the Track Switch in the “Next Track” position, press and hold the Volume Up button on the back pannel of the ear cup.
5. Wait for the green LED indicator light to flash to show that the headset is discoverable for another Bluetooth device.
6. Finish pairing by repeating the previous steps 3 to 6.


How Does The H800 Wireless Headphones Microphone Work?

ss.LH800.hfh.41The Bluetooth headset microphone is located on the tip of a flexible, rotating boom. You can bend the flexible microphone boom to any shape or position you desire. The Logitech headphones microphone automatically mutes when it is rotated up and out of the way. The mic can also be muted by pressing the button toward the rear of the panel on the back of the right ear cup.

The Logitech headset microphone is noise cancelling and also unidirectional. That means that the mic points directly toward the user’s mouth so that it is not likely to pick up and transmit sound or noise from any other direction. The noise cancelling wireless headset microphone system has a sensor located on the outside of the boom, which senses any sound from the environment that is not coming from the direction of the operator’s mouth. The Bluetooth headphones microphone automatically sends an electronic signal that cancels out that sound, so that virtually no sound can be heard by the listener, on a phone or on Skype, except for the voice of the user. A very loud ambient sound like an explosion or a sonic boom might penetrate the Logitech headphones microphone, but the listener probably wouldn’t hear a sound like a baby crying in the next room.

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What Wireless Controls Does The H800 Logitech Headset Have?

Logitech H800 Wireless - 2All necessary controls are located on the right ear cup so that the operator can control the functions of the headset without staying near his computer. The controls on the back of the right ear cup have raised markings that the operator can feel so that he can use the controls without taking the headset off to look at the buttons.

To raise volume, press the button on the top button on the panel on the back of the right ear cup. To lower the volume, press the button on the lower side of the back panel. The button toward the rear of the back panel will mute the microphone (the microphone can also be muted by turning the rotating boom up and out of the way, but pressing the ear cup control button will mute the mic without moving the boom).

The button toward the front of the ear cup panel is one of the most useful. It allows the user to use the headset to take phone calls. Press the button once and the headset will switch off the iPod or other Bluetooth device to accept a phone call. Press the forward button again to hang up the phone call and return to your Bluetooth listening.

A switch on the front edge of the right ear cup has three positions. The lower position turns the headset on or off. (A green LED indicator next to the switch lights up to show that the headset is turned on.) The middle position connects the headset to Bluetooth paring. The upper position switches from Bluetooth paring to your computer or tablet, whichever your wireless usb nano receiver is plugged into.

A switch on the lower edge of the right ear cup controls your sound tracks so that you can repeat a previous sound track, advance to the next sound track, or skip a sound track.

No controls are located on the left ear cup. The left ear cup has a compartment under the cover where the rechargeable battery is found, next to a space where the small usb receiver dongle can be stored.


How Do You Charge The H800 Headphones?

Logitech H800 Wireless - 1The H800 headset has a built-in rechargeable battery which is located under the cover, inside the left ear cup, right next to the storage space for the usb dongle. A usb charging cable fits into the socket under the right ear cup and attaches to the usb port of your computer. It is designed in such a way that you can use the headset while it is charging. Unlike some other rechargeable headsets which may use two cables – one for charging and the other for listening – the H800 uses just one cable, and so it occupies just one computer usb port. Once charged, the headset gives the operator about 6 hours of continuous use when the headset is new.

Of course, like any other rechargeable battery, the H800 headset battery does lose its charging and storage capacity as time goes on. When it does, it can be easily replaced. At the time of this review, a replacement for the H800 headset can be ordered from Ebay for just under $13.

What Comfort Features Does The H800 Headset Have?

Not many users complain that they find the H800 uncomfortable. It is constructed of light plastic to bring the weight down to just 7.2 ounces, to avoid fatigue during long listening sessions. Both ear cups are sculpted and shaped to fit the user’s ears. Each earpiece is covered with soft foam padding, and the headband is padded underneath to gently protect the crown of the listener’s head.

The headband also has a length adjustment on each side to fit virtually any size of head. And for convenience and portability, both ear pieces are hinged so that they can fold together like a pair of sun glasses.


Does The H800 Make A Good Workout Headset?

Some people do use the H800 for exercise. It’s fine for walking, but since it is designed to be comfortable, it doesn’t clamp your ears tightly, and some think it is too loose for a vigorous workout like running. It’s light weight of just 7.2 ounces makes it comfortable for a workout, but, of course, the ear foam cushions will get soaked wet if you sweat.


How Does The Logitech H800 Wireless Stereo Sound?

ss.LH800.hfh.51Logitech no longer publishes the frequency range of the H800 headset, but at one time it was rated at 30 hertz to 15,000 hertz. Most people who write reviews about this product say that the sound quality is good, but it is not rated as top of the line. Some say that even the lower tones get distorted, and distortion increases with an increase in volume. Upper tones sound natural, but the bass is not outstanding. If you are looking for convenience and versatility at a low price, the H800 has many attractive features that you will probably like. But if high sound quality is your biggest issue, you probably want a different headset.

The H800 does have some sound quality control. It has a built-in equalizer and lazer-tuned speaker drivers to reduce the distortion somewhat. The general opinion is that the resulting sound quality is good, but maybe not excellent. For improved music control, Windows PC users may be able to download and install additional software which is available at www.logitech.com/support.

The H800 is an on-ear headset, but it is not a noise cancelling headset. It is an on the ear headset built for comfort and convenience, but it has no noise isolation. That means that outside sounds from the environment will penetrate the ear cups, and if you play the volume too loud, some of your sounds will bleed out to annoy those around you.


What Kind Of Range Does The H800 Wireless Bluetooth Have?

ss.LH800.hfh.54The most important reason to buy wireless headphones is to eliminate wires that tether the user to the computer, and to give the operator some freedom with no cables to tangle or trip over. Most Bluetooth devices give the operator a wireless range of about 33 feet (about 10 metres). The H800 does just a little better than that. The tiny 2.4 GHz usb nano receiver that plugs into your computer gives the H800 a rated range of about 40 feet (about 12 meters).

As the user walks about, enjoying the wireless freedom of the H800, actual reception may very depending on the surroundings. Other electronic equipment or electrical appliances in the area may affect reception and reduce range. Range is pretty constant if the radio signal has to penetrate only wooden walls, but range drops significantly if the signal has to pass through cinder block walls, brick, concrete or other masonry.

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Does The H800 Make A Good Gaming Headset?

Since the H800 is a general purpose wireless headset, you can listen to anything that you can put on your PC Windows computer, Mac Apple computer, or Tablet. It is not considered to be one of the top gaming headsets, but many people do use it for that.

If you are looking for the best wireless PC gaming headset with specialized gaming features, you might want to check out the sister headset of the H800, namely the Logitech G930 wireless gaming headset. The G930 has better sound quality and better sound isolation than the H800, and it also works with Skype and with anything that you can put on a Windows PC computer. However, the G930 doesn’t work with Mac computers or with Bluetooth devices, and you can’t use it for phone calls.


What Do The Bluetooth Headphones Reviews Say About The H800?

ss.LH800.hfh.52Logitech H800 wireless headphone reviews are quite different. Amazon reviews give this product a score of 3.8 stars out of 5. Most people have a good first opinion of the product, but occasionally people receive defective units which give them problems right from the start. Some say that their headset is still working great even after years of use. Some say that their H800 works satisfactorily, but it has a few quirks. Still others think that their purchase of the H800 was a disaster.

It is impossible for this article to list all the complaints or to document all the praise that people have written about this product. You will have to read about them yourself in the Amazon reviews in order to make your own informed decision. However, some of the most common complaints and praise points are listed here below.

The H800 has a 2 year limited warranty, but if you ever need to cash in on it you will have to return the box with all the original contents. If you order from Amazon, in some cases you can also cash in on the 30 day return policy (check out Amazon Returns), in case you notice a problem right away. This site recommends that, should there be a defective unit, you return the item whenever possible using the Amazon policy instead of the Logitech 2 year warranty. A few have mentioned that they are unhappy with Logitech customer service response, and consider their warranty to be unreliable.



ss.LH800.hfh.44The Logitech company has a pretty high opinion of its own H800 headset, but what do people say after they have owned and used it? Most people like it, but not everyone is thrilled. Whatever you do, make sure you keep the box and receipt and all the return information in a safe place, just in case you receive a defective unit.

The most common complaint about the H800 is that it doesn’t charge properly. Several say that the connecting usb cable seems loose or becomes loose after a few weeks or months of use so that the battery can no longer receive a charge.

Others complain about paring problems and say that the Bluetooth connection can break for no apparent reason. Some say that they haven’t been able to get it to pair at all. The usb nano receiver can fit loosely in the computer and cause an annoying break in the connection.

Some think that the sound quality is very poor, though most who mention the sound think that it is acceptable or good, even if they are disappointed with the headphones for other reasons. Some complain about static interference.

A few people mention a problem with the rotating microphone. Eventually their mic gets kind of loose and doesn’t hold itself in position well.



ss.LH800.hfh.53Some Logitech headset reviews love the H800 headphones for the same reason that others hate them. The most prominent example would be the sound quality. The frequence range of the H800 headphones is no longer published, but at one time it was rated as 30 hertz to 15,000 hertz. That’s a very modest range, and nothing to brag about. That’s not much bass, and it does not have much high treble. However, most reviewers say that the quality of that sound is quite acceptable, even if they may dislike the headset for other reasons. Some even call the sound quality “excellent.”

Most reviewers who comment on how the H800 headphones feel say that find them to be quite comfortable. Very few reviewers disagree with that. This site has not found any reviewers who say that the ear cups are too tight or that the headset is too heavy.

Most who comment on the rated 40 foot range of the H800 say that they have tested it and have found it to be as advertized. A few have said that they have found the range to be less. One reviewer says that he was able to get the headset to work at a range of 50 feet using the usb nano transmitter dongle.

Some say they have had paring problems, but most reviewers who comment on this say that, as long as they follow the instructions in the H800 Logitech headset manual, they have had little or no problems paring the headphones with Bluetooth devices or with their computers. Of course, some units may arrive defective, and other units which start out well may develop problems later.

Though a very few have complained that the mic boom has become loose, as mentioned above, this site has not found anyone who complains that the microphone produces poor sound quality. In fact, in every review that this site has seen, where people comment about the microphone quality, they have said that the sound that the mic produces is quite satisfactory.



ss.LH800.hfh.50Based on customer reviews, this site considers the Logitech H800 wireless headset to be a low risk investment. This is not considered to be a top end headphone for sound quality, though most users say that they do like the sound. It is recommend mostly because of it’s convenience, versatility, and reasonably low price.

Amazon reviews give this headset a score of 3.8 stars out of 5, which means that more customers are satisfied than dissatisfied. Some who are disappointed with their purchase because of pairing problems are frustrated because they have not actually followed the written instructions carefully.

A few units arrive defective from the factory, and some develop problems later on. For a back-up, the buyer can, in some cases, use the Amazon 30-day return policy (if you buy from Amazon, as this site recommends), or you can use the Logitech 2 year warranty. Whenever possible, this site recommends that the use of the Amazon 30-day return policy, as some reviewers have complained that they have had problems with Logitech customer service. Make sure that you keep the receipt and the box, with all its contents, in a safe place and in good condition so that you can make a return, if necessary, before the 2-year warranty expires. If the headset is still functioning well by the end of two years, you have probably gotten your money’s worth out of your purchase.

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