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IG Logitech G930

The Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 uses Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology.

This is a Logitech G930 review. It is a wireless gaming headset with Dolby 7.1 surround sound. This headset first appeared in August of 2010. It specializes as a gaming headset for PC computers. The G930 wireless gaming headset is not a general purpose cordless headset. It doesn’t work with Mac computers, it is not a Bluetooth device, and it doesn’t work with any kind of mobile phone.

It was designed to be the best gaming headset for PC users, but also works fine as a wireless stereo headset for your Windows Personal Computer. With its Logitech headset microphone, it also works great as a Skype wireless headset. Whether it’s music or computer games or movies, whatever sound you can get from your computer, these advanced wireless rf headphones can enhance the listening experience.

Prices change all the time, but at the time of this review the G930 Logitech wireless headset costs about $105 on Amazon.  That’s a discount of about $55 off the list price.  Reviewers on Amazon give this product a score of about 3.8 stars out of 5 for customer satisfaction.  This site always recommends Amazon as the best place to buy hi fi headphones online.  There are several reasons.  First, Amazon usually has the lowest price.  Second, many products (including headphones) are covered by the Amazon 30 day return policy, in addition to any headphone warranty that the company may offer.


What Makes The G930 Logitech Headphones Better Than Bluetooth Stereo Headsets?

The G930 headphones solve certain gaming problems that are common in a Bluetooth or a cheap gaming headset. Among these problems are lag, static interference, and signal loss. All these problems detract from an enjoyable gaming experience. No set of rf wireless headphones has the perfect solution, but the Logitech G930 has a combination of several features that you probably won’t find in any other wireless microphone headset at this price.


Signal Loss

L-G930-12Signal loss can be very frustrating to someone who is trying to enjoy a game. The sound may disappear without warning right in the middle of the action. It can be caused by unpredictable changes in the environment, or maybe even by a slight turn of the head. The gamer tries to regain the signal by turning his head in different direction, but all this distracts from enjoying the action of the game.

The G930 resolves this dilemma by using two antennas instead of just one like what most gaming wireless headsets have. The G930 headset senses which antenna is receiving the stronger signal, and automatically switches to receive the signal from that antenna so that the gamer doesn’t have to constantly move his head around while he tries to recover the signal.



Wireless PC gaming headphones have lots of information to receive from the computer and process for the user. Especially now, with computers getting faster and faster, most modern computers can send the information a lot faster than most wireless rf headsets can process it. The result is lag. The action appears now on the computer, but you hear the sounds later — maybe much later. That can be very distracting.

The Logitech wireless headset speeds up the process considerably. A more advanced dongle operates its wireless connection at a speed of 2.4 GHz. The G930 receives and processes the information 38% faster than a normal Bluetooth connection. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a big improvement.



Static interference can come from other electronic devices, from electrical appliances, or from environmental sources like thunder storms. Unwanted sounds can be very annoying and can detract from the enjoyment of the listening experience. The G930 solution is its advanced switching algorithms. The wireless headphones operate over a spectrum of 40 channels with a very small 2.4 GHz footprint. The headset senses when one channel is receiving too much static interference and automatically switches to another channel.


What Are The Specifications?

The G930 Logitech headphones has a list of features not commonly found in other PC gaming headsets. Some of the most important specifications and features are the following:

Logitech 930 - HFH

      • 20 – 20,000 hertz frequency range
      • 48,000 hertz of audio stream
      • 32 ohms impedance
      • 90 dB SPL/mW sensitivity
      • 26 dB of noise isolation
      • 50-20KHz hertz frequency response microphone
      • Automatic switching between 40 operating channels
      • 7 discrete audio channels
      • 2.4 GHz speed wireless connection
      • 15 mm voice coil with derofluid damping
      • 40 mm ( 1.6 in) laser-tuned speaker drivers
      • 2 – antena signal reception system
      • 6 voice morphing modes
      • 3 programable G keys
      • 10 hours of continual battery use when fully charged

Logitech 930 - 2 - HFH

      • 2 1/2 hour charging time
      • Adjustable headband with memory foam padding
      • Noise isolating, around-ear cushions
      • noise-cancelling microphone
      • USB full speed recharging base
      • Customizable ear cup control buttons
      • Noise-cancelling microphone
      • Can be used in stereo mode with Play Station 4
      • 3 – year limited warranty


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What Range Does The Logitech G930 Have?

The wireless feature adds to the experience of the G930 headphones by eliminating the annoying connection cables that tether the user to the computer and clutter the desk and the floor. Most Bluetooth headsets have a rated range of about 33 feet from the transmission source. The Logitech G930 goes just a little bit further. It has a rated range of about 40 feet of wireless freedom with no connecting cables to tangle or trip over.


What About Charging The Stereo Gaming Headset?

L-G930-13The G930 Stereo Gaming Headset has a built-in rechargeable battery which charges by a usb port through the charging base. The gaming headset can function while it is being charged. When new the battery takes about 2 1/2 hours to charge, and a full charge lasts for about 10 hours of continuous use.

The cable from the charging base fits into a socket at the base of the left ear cup. Just beside the charging socket is a LED charging indicator. A green LED light indicates that the headset has at least one full hour of operating power left. When the battery charge has less than an hour left, the indicator will turn red, and there will also be a warning buzz sound in the headphone, and there will be a warning message also on the computer screen.

While the headset is plugged in and charging, the indicator light will be a flashing orange. When the charge is complete, the indicator will be solid orange. No indicator light at all means that the headset is turned off, or else the battery is completely dead.


Are They Good Noise Isolating Headphones?

The G930 are a set of wireless over the ear headphones (also called around ear headphones or circumaural headphones) because the entire ear fits inside the ear cushions. Leather circumaural ear cushions give the over ear headset near perfect sound isolation which allows virtually no outside sound penetration. Also, no noticeable sound will bleed out of your headset to annoy those around you.


Are The Around Ear Headphones Comfortable To Wear?

L-G930-3The ear cushions are very soft, and, for the most part, comfortable. They take all the pressure off of your outer ear to rest it on the side of your head. However, some owners complain that the leather ear cushions can get kind of hot after a while.

The ear cups rotate up and down on hinges, and also from side to side to accommodate the user’s ears, no matter what the shape of his head may be. And the headband has an extensive sliding size adjustments on each side for a comfortable fit, no matter what the size of the head may be. A foam pad under the headband cushions the head for more comfort during long listening sessions.


How Do You Connect The PC Gaming Headsets?

The G930 comes with its own unique plug-in dongle and charging base. The transmission dongle can fit into your computer, but to enjoy the full 40 feet of wireless range that the G930 is capable of, it is best to plug the dongle into the charging base. A usb cable of about 3 feet reaches from the computer to the charging base, and a second cable, about 6 feet long, stretches from the base to plug into the headset.

All the extra cable length gives a certain measure of freedom, should the user decide to operate the headset while it is charging. This convenient feature allows the headset to operate and charge at the same time using just one computer usb port instead of two, like most other headsets would need.


How Do You Set Up The Wireless PC Headset?

The Logitech wireless PC headset comes with a detailed set of instructions which include your license code. A DVD with the Logitech G930 drivers is included with the headphones to install the software into the computer that you are going to use with the PC headphones. However, since updates and improvements are being made all the time, many users think it best to use the driver code that comes with your headset to download the latest Logitech headset drivers from the internet.

Once your Logitech G930 driver software is installed, you can bring up the control panel console on your computer screen, and there you will see an array of controls with which to customize your personal settings however you like. Just use your mouse pointer to move the controls.



Volume Levels

In the upper left corner of the control console you will find the level controls. From there you control the level of audio volume, soft or loud. Next to that is the microphone volume level control, in case you are using the microphone for voice morphing or for talking with Skype.

In the middle is the control to set the loudness of any sidetones. And to the right you have two switches to control the balance of treble and bass tones. Unlike most other headphones, you can change the settings to emphasize more bass and less treble, less base and more treble, or a perfect balance between the two.


Voice Morphing

If you are into voice morphing, In the upper right corner you have a selection of six different morphing modes. When you speak into the microphone, it changes the sound of your voice. The control on the console allows you to select the pitch of the morphing voice.


G Keys

L-G930-1In the lower left corner you find the controls to set the three programable G keys on the left ear cup of the headset. From the control console on your computer screen the G keys can be turned on or off, and they can be customized with the selection of options activated by the buttons next to each key tag. Once these G keys are programmed you don’t have to remain seated next to the computer screen to control the functions on your headset. You can sit at a distance or walk around the house (up to 40 feet away) while controlling everything by the keys on the earcup.


Sound Mixer

Controls for the surround sound mixer are in the lower right corner of the console. The G930 has both stereo and Dolby 7.1 surround sound. Many reviewers say that they prefer the stereo and don’t like the surround sound at all. But the Dolby surround sound is there if you want it. On the control console, find in the lower right corner the controls with which you can select the volume you want to emphasize from any of the seven positions. If you don’t like the Dolby 7.1 surround sound, just turn it off and you’ll have your stereo sound back.


How Does The Microphone Work?

L-G930-11The G930 Logitech headphones has a microphone that is an important asset, especially if you use the wireless computer headset for applications like Skype. In computer games you might use the gaming headset mic for voice morphing fun. Skype, of corse, is a more serious application.

The candroid stereo headset mic is both unidirectional and also noise canceling. It is located on the inside of the boom toward the user’s mouth so that it picks up sound only from the direction of the user’s voice. The microphone itself has a frequency response range of 100 hertz to 75,000 hertz.

On the outside of the boom is a sensor that picks up any ambient noise from the enviroment and cancels it out. So, unless the outside noise is quite overpowering, the listener probably won’t hear anything except the user’s voice. If there is a sonic boom or an explosion the microphone might pic up some of it, but it probably wouldn’t pick up the sound of a baby crying in the next room.

The microphone is located on the tip of a flexible, rotating boom which you can bend or rotate up and out of the way when not in use. When rotated upward, the microphone automatically mutes, and a red LED light turns on to show that the mic is muted.


How Do The Ear Cup Control Buttons Work?

L-G930-2The headset is equipped with several controls on the left ear cup so that the user can control the most important functions of the headphones from a distance without needing to be stationed near his PC.

Across the top, on the back of the left ear cup, are the three programable G keys. Once their functions are set up on the console of your control panel, you can use them for whatever personalized functions are important to you.

On the lower end, on the back of the left ear cup, there are two controls. To the left is a mute button. This allows you to mute the microphone, if you wish, without having to rotate the mic boom up and out of the way. A red LED light on the end of the mic boom will indicate that the microphone has been muted. To the right of the mute button is a roller. This is the scrolling volume control which you can adjust according to your liking.

On the side of the left ear cup there are two controls. The upper control is the on – off power button. Below it is a switch which allows you to change between normal stereo sound or the Dolby 7.1 surround sound. On the bottom edge is the port connection that allows you to hook up the headset to the power charging base.


What Do The Logitech Gaming Headset Reviews Say?

L-G930-8What you’ve been reading about is how the Logitech company says that the G930 headphones are supposed to work. But how do they really work? Before you buy the Logitech G930 wireless headphones you should consider what people say after they have already owned and used them. Are they as good as they’re supposed to be? To know we have to consider some G930 Gaming headset reviews.

Lots of people have been buying the G930 Logitech wireless headphones, and many have written reviews. On Amazon alone there are more than 3,500 gaming headset reviews about the G930, and each one has a story to tell. On the average, the Logitech wireless headphone reviews give the G930 an average of 3.8 stars out of 5 for customer satisfaction.

Some reviewers say that after more than 2 years of heavy use, the Logitech G930 works almost like new, except that one eventually had to replaced the battery after 3 years and is considering replacing the dongle because the range seems to have decreased somewhat after 3 years of use. But the wear seems to be pretty good. Satisfied customer like the sharp sound quality, noise isolation, and the wireless range. They find the ear cup control features to be very convenient, and they think that it is comfortable.

L-G930-10But not all the reviewers are happy. Even those who are dissatisfied for other reasons usually say that they like the sound. But some complain about static interference problems. The most common complaint seems to be that the headset seems to suddenly disconnect and lose the signal while in use. Others say that they have received defective units which have broken very quickly. A few complain that they cannot get the volume up above a whisper, but it is possible that these users did not make the correct setup on the control console. It is possible that those who complain about static might be receiving interference from other electrical devices and appliances like microwaves or old computers.

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