Koss Porta Pro KTC Review

Koss Porta Pro KTC Ultimate Portable Headphone for iPod, iPhone and iPad

IG PortaPro KTC

Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones with mic and remote are optimized for Apple products like iPhone, iPod and iPad

This is a Koss Porta Pro KTC review about a very portable headset which is designed especially for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It came out in 2012 and is essentially the same as the original koss portapro stereophones, a set of lightweight stereo headpones which first came out in 1984. Since the original design of the classic portable stereo headphones remains so popular, it remains largely unchanged. The only important difference is the microphone and 3-button remote which makes the Koss PortaPro KTC headset compatible with the iPhone and other Apple products like the iPod and the iPad.

How valuable is a remote and microphone worth to you?  At the time of this review, the Classic PortaPro costs about $40 on Amazon.  The Koss Porta Pro KTC costs about $49 on Amazon (prices change constantly from one day to another).  That’s a difference of only $9 more, and it makes the much more useful.  You still enjoy all the comfort, sound quality, and convenient portability of the lightweight classic headphone model, but the KTC on-cable remote and microphone makes your headset useful for cell phones and MP3 players.


What Are The Basic Specifications Of The Koss PortaPro KTC?

The Koss Portapro best price is probably on Amazon, where the KTC headset with its remote and microphone currently costs only about $10 more than the the classic Portapro which has no remote and mic. Before you buy the Koss headphones, here are some important specifications that you should consider:


  • 15 hertz – 25,000 hertz frequency range
  • 101 dB of sensitivity
  • 60 ohms of impedance
  • Less than 0.2% sound distortion
  • 3-button on-cord remote control and microphone
  • 4-foot, straight, dual entry connecting cable
  • 1/8 inch (3.5mm) jack plug
  • Folding, on-ear design
  • 6.4 ounce weight
  • Temple foam cushions
  • Comfort zone earpiece adjustments
  • Foam earpads
  • Pivoting ear plates
  • Sliding, automatically adjusting steel headband
  • Limited lifetime warranty


What Do Reviews Say About The KTC?

Cell phone headset reviews give the Koss KTC a score of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Most say that it is a set of cheap, good headphones, but some disagree.

ss.KOSSPP.hfh.27Some of the reviewers who are disappointed with the Koss KTC headset say that they received defective units whose remote didn’t work properly or stopped working soon after purchase. Some say that they had problems with the wires, and that the headphones seem to have a flimsy construction that breaks easily. Some are disappointed that the remote only works well for Apple devices, and others complain that it doesn’t have good sound isolation. Some say they have a problem with the cord itself. Occasionally, someone writes that their hair tends to get caught in the sliding headband adjustment.

Even among those who are disappointed with the Koss KTC for one reason or another, nobody seems to be complaining about the sound, and very few people say they find them to be uncomfortable. Even those who write negative reviews say that the sound is great. Most reviewers who talk about comfort say that they like the Porta Pros better than earbuds, and several mention that they like the portability of this headset. Most think that, for the price, it’s a good deal.


How Does The KTC Headset Remote Work?

ss.KOSSPP.hfh.20The KTC headset remote works with your iPod very much the same as that of most any 3-button remote would. The Koss headphones volume control has the button with the plus (+) to increase the volume, while the button with the minus (-) turns the volume down. Push the middle button once to play. Push it again to pause. Push it twice in fast succession to advance to the next sound track. Press three times in rapid succession to return to the previous sound track.


Are The KTC Portable Stereo Headphones A Good Headset For Any Cell Phone?

The Koss Porta Pro KTC may be the best cheap headphones you can find to use with Apple products like iPhones, iPod, and iPads. The remote is specially made to be compatible with these Apple products. They work find as hands free headsets for cell phones. If you need a headset for some other cell phone like Blackberry, Android Smartphone or Samsung Galaxy, the phone headset microphone of the KTC will probably work, but the buttons on the remote will not work the same.


How Do The Koss Stereo Headphones Sound?

ss.KTC-HFH.50The Porta Pro headset has a wide frequency range of from 15 hertz to 25,000 hertz. That’s not bad for this price. The bass is somewhat emphasized. They use rare earth magnets and oxygen-free voice coils. Rigid components reduce the total harmonic sound distortion to under 0.2%. Sensitivity is rated at 101 dB SPL.

The KTC ear cups have a semi-open-back design. This gives a richer, fuller sound stage than what a closed back would have. However, this design also reduces sound isolation. If you play your music too loudly, some of your headphone sounds may bleed out to annoy others around you, and some outside sound will bleed in. But if you are using them outside for workout headphones, sound penetration could be a good thing, especially if you are jogging on the road or near traffic. The penetration of outside sounds can help keep you safe by letting you hear what’s going on around you.


Do The Koss Portapro Portable Headphones Make A Set Of Good Workout Headphones?

Lots of people use the Koss Portapro for exercise, and most will tell you that they make a good set of workout headphones because they are light, comfortable, and for the most part they stay firm on the head. One complaint is that the foam ear pads do get soaked with sweat. Fortunately they are removable. It may be a good investment to purchase a package of extra Koss portable replacement cushions so that you can always have a dry set while you are washing out another set.


How Does The KTC Stereo Headset Feel?

The Koss KTC headset is loaded with comfort features. First, there are the temple ear pads on each side. ss.KTC-HFH.52These take most of the pressure off of your ears to rest on the side of your head. Next, the earpiece on each side has blue button which is called the comfort zone adjustment. This allows you to make your own personal, customized adjustment of the position and tension on your ears.

The ear plates are also covered with soft foam and are pivoting so that they will adjust automatically to the shape of your ears. The sliding steel headband automatically adjusts to the size of your head. A common complaint is that hair tends to get caught in the sliding headband adjustment.


Are They Good For Travel?

As the name would suggest, these are compact, foldable headphones, convenient for travel. The hinges on each side fold the earpieces inward, and small hooks on the end latch them together into a very small unit that easily fits into a purse or a briefcase. They come with a handy carrying pouch. But for those who prefer, a handy HIeGI Koss Portapro PP Headphone Carrying Case/Bag can be bought separately on Amazon for under $10.00.


What Kind Of Warranty does the KTC Have?

Like every other stereophone, the KTC has its own Koss warranty. ss.KTC-HFH.55According to the limited lifetime warranty, the company will repair or replace your headset, no questions asked. All you have to do is pay for shipping, which is about $9. However, if you have loaned these headphones out to anyone the Koss headphones warranty may be voided.

Koss Porta Pro KTC Ultimate Portable Headphone for iPod, iPhone and iPad


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