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Koss Porta Pro Classic are an ideal set of compact, foldable, portable travel headphones

This is a Koss PortaPro review about a set of cheap over head headphones made specially for convenience in travel. It first came out in 1984 and immediately became very successful as a set of multi-purpose, lightweight stereo headphones. Back then, of course, people weren’t so worried about cell phones.

More recently, in 2012, they came out with the Koss Porta Pro KTC headset for cell phone calls. The KTC Koss has a microphone and remote that works with the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPods. The microphone will work with different kinds of cell phones, but the remote works only and exclusively with Apple products.

The origional classic Koss Porta Pro portable headphones is about $10 cheaper than the Porta Pro KTC headset. If you like to shop for headphones online, Amazon probably has the best price for both models.


What Are The Specifications Of The Portable Stereo Headphones?

Besides the mic and remote, the classic Porta Pro is identical to the newer KTC model, and they have the same specifications:


  • Sound distortion below 0.2%
  • 15 – 25,000 Hz frequency response range
  • Impedance of 60 ohms
  • 101 dB sensitivity
  • 1/8 in. (3.5 mm) connecting jack
  • 4 ft. connecting cord
  • Foam temple cushions
  • 6.4 oz light weight construction
  • Pivoting ear plates
  • On-ear cups with comfort zone adjustments
  • Foam ear cushions
  • Folding, collapsible design
  • Sliding, adjustable steel head band


Do The Koss Stereo Headphones Make Good Headphones For Jogging?

Besides being a good set of travel headphones, many use the Porta Pros as a good set of over ear sport headphones. Koss headphone reviews say they make good workout headphones because they are light, comfortable, and and they stay pretty well firm in place on the head while you are moving around.ss.KSC75.34

Of course, sweat will tend to soak the foam ear pads, so it might be a good idea to order a set of Koss portable replacement cushions so that you can always have a clean set of foam ear pads while another set is being washed.

Another feature that makes the Porta Pro a good set of headphones for running is the open back design. This allows some of the surrounding sounds to penetrate the headphone. Outside sound penetration can help keep you safe, especially if you are jogging along the road or near traffic, because it keeps you aware of any dangers that may be around you during your workout.


How Does The Koss Porta Pro Classic Sound?

Koss Porta Pros use oxygen-free copper voice coils that give it a wide frequency response of 15 to 25,000 hertz with a rated sensitivity of 101 dB SBL. Users say that the bass tones are somewhat emphasized. A very rigid dynamic speaker element keeps the sound distortion very low to a level below 0.2%. Koss Porta Pro consumer reviews give it high marks for sound quality.

Koss Porta Pro stereo headphones use an open back design. That has it’s positives and its negatives. The open back construction does give the headphones a more natural sound. However, if you are using them in a noisy environment, some outside noise will penetrate, and if you play your volume too loud, some of your sounds will bleed out to annoy those around you.


Do The Koss Porta Pro Ear Headphones Have Any Problems?

ss.KTC-HFH.50The Porta Pro Koss headphones don’t make everyone happy. As stated above, these headphones have no sound isolation, and many find that annoying because the noise penetration does not let them fully enjoy the quality sound unless they are in a quiet place. And those around the user can also be annoyed by the headphone sounds that bleed out if the volume is too loud.

The Porta Pro has a sliding steel headband adjustment that automatically fits to the shape of your head. This can be a handy feature, but it can also be annoying because some people, especially if they have long hair, tend to get their hair caught in the sliding adjustment clip.

Others say that, although they like the sound, they don’t like the appearance. And besides the strange appearance, some say they look fragile. Some people have received defective units which have broken easily. Fortunately, they have a no-questions-asked Koss limited lifetime headphone warranty. For a repair or replacement you only play about $9 for shipping and handling.


Are The Koss Portable Stereo Headphones Comfortable To Use?

Porta pro has several comfort features. One very unique feature is the foam pads which rest on the temples on each side of the head. These foam cushions distribute the pressure so that the headphones can be worn with almost no pressure on the ears at all, so that they will stay comfortable for long listening sessions.ss.KTC-HFH.55

Another unique feature is the comfort zone adjustment. The earpiece on each side has a blue button with three settings: firm, medium, and soft. This allows a comfort adjustment which the user can customize according to his personal preference.

The speakers are mounted on pivoting ear plates to automatically adjust to the shape of the user’s ears. Earplates are covered with soft foam ear cushions which are removable and replaceable.

Koss Porta Pro has a steel headband with a sliding adjustment which automatically conforms to the size of the user’s head. This makes for a fit on almost any size of head, though a person with a very large head may find it uncomfortable. As mentioned above, some people, especially those with long hair, complain that their hair tends to get caught in the clip of the sliding headband adjustment.


Are The Koss Stereo Headphones Convenient For Travel?

As the name Porta Pro would suggest, these headphones are made specially for travel. They collapse, fold together, and latch together into a very small, compact unit which easily fits into a purse or a briefcase. If you buy the Koss headphones online from Amazon, they come with a handy carying case, convenient for travel. The KTC headset model comes with a handy carrying pouch, but for those who prefer it, a small, hard carring case can be bought separately.

Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case

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